Plat Maps for Murray

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Arbuckle Resort Vacated 4-16-90

Arbuckle View Admended

Arbuckle View Estates

Artesian Heights

Baptist Assembly Ground

Baptist Assembly Ground-21

Buffalo Gap Resort

Cedar Blue Admended

Cedarvale Park

Chickasaw Nation unallotted land

Colbert Heights

College Heights

College Heights 2 Add

Davis Add to Sulphur

Davis Industrial Park East

Davis Platted Farms

Deer Path Cedar Blue

Elks Add 2 Admended

Evergreen North

Five Lakes Phase 2

Five Lakes Phase 3

Five Lakes Revised BLK 3

Five Lakes Sub

Frisco Heights

Golden Meadows

Goose Lake Cedar Blue

Guanabara Bay 11,2,&3 Amend

Guanabara Bay 3 Admend

Guanabara Bay U.S.A.

Gulf,Colorado,& Sante Fe

Hidden Lake Estates

Holdridge Estates

Jollyville Fly-In

Lake of the Arbuckles

Lake Point Estates Phase I

Lake Point Estates Phase II

Lake Point Estates Phase III

Lakeside blk-1 Admended

Lakeside estates

Lakeside Estates 1

Lakeside estates 10

Lakeside estates 2

Lakeside estates 3

Lakeside estates 3 Amended

Lakeside Estates 3 corrected

Lakeside estates 4

Lakeside Estates 47-B

Lakeside Estates-48-B

Lakeside Estates 4 West

Lakeside Estates 4 West-B

Lakeside estates 5

Lakeside estates 6

Lakeside estates 7

Lakeside estates 8 vacated

Lakeside estates 9

Lakeside estates Cert&Ded

Lakeside Estates Survey-46A

Lindsey Addition

Melvin Heights

Mountain Park 1

Mountain Park 2

Mountain View Estates

Murray County geological Survey

Murray County Map


North Park 62-A

North Park Add

Northtown Terrace 1

Northtown Terrace 2

Oakland Addition

Pioneer Estate 1

Pioneer Estate 2

Poole Add Admended

Rockcreek Hills

Rockcreek Hills Admended

Rockcreek Hills Easement

Sandy Creek Resorts

Shorts First Addition



Sulphur Heights

Sulphur Hills 57-B

Sulphur Hills Admended

Sulphur Hills Fairway

Sulphur Srings Railroad

Town&Country Estates

Turner Falls Add

Turner Falls Park

Twin Lakes 1 Add.

Washita Plains Addition Block 1

West Davis Add.

Woodland Acres