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We constantly work to ensure that counties update regularly, and we are automatically notified when a county is behind schedule. When a county falls behind, it is usually the result of Internet problems, or server outages. Thank you for your patience as we work with each county to resume updating their records.

County InformationRecords Back ToRecord Counts Upload Status The Upload Status is the last time received data or images from the County Clerk's office. It does not reflect the date that the data was certified as completed by the County Clerk's office.
Cimarron County County Clerk Gina Richardson (580) 544-2251 — Search
DataAugust, 1996
ImagesAugust, 1996
Behind Last updated 2 days ago
Harmon County County Clerk Kara Gollihare (580) 688-3658 — Search
DataJanuary, 1900
ImagesMarch, 1902
Behind Last updated 2 days ago
Harper County County Clerk Karen Hickman (580) 735-2012 — Search
DataJanuary, 2009
ImagesJanuary, 2009
Behind Last updated 3 days ago
Haskell County County Clerk Karen McClary (918) 967-2884 — Search
DataNovember, 1994
ImagesJune, 2015
Behind Last updated 2 days ago